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Sunday, September 4, 2016


Colonia Dignidad Entrance
Hermione Granger breaks out of the Harry Potter frame. Actually, she broke out five years ago, but I'm still in love with Hermione. But that's just celebrity fluff.

The movie The Colony (aka Colonia) is a fictional thriller set in a real, horrifc, place. It's 1973 and the USA backed, right wing Augusto Pinochet stages a coup that overthrows the Soviet backed left wing Salvador Allende. Our characters get caught up in events and end up in Colonia Dignidad, a place no one ever leaves. Thousands were tortured there and hundreds were killed.

What's interesting is the way this closed society continued to operate. Cut off from the outside world, the inmates had no idea what 'normal' life might be like. The guy who ran it, Paul Schafer, was a real psychopath.

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