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Monday, September 5, 2016

Fictional Knowledge

Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Literary Review has an excellent overview of Philip K. Dick's life and work, disguised as a book review. I've read some of his stuff, but what I remember are the movies Total Recall and Blade Runner. I'm reading through this review and I come across this passage:
In the immediate aftermath of 2-3-74, Dick felt reborn. It had been not a breakdown but a breakthrough: for the first time he had stepped behind the scenery and witnessed the truth. Deep peace flooded him as certainty finally conquered doubt and paranoia was replaced with a sense of divine protection.
Sounds very similar to something I read about Avicenna who came to believe that the world is an illusion and the reality only appears to you during an ecstatic religious experience.

Via Detroit Steve

List of movies made from Philip K Dick stories.

Der Inseider has a few things to say about Philip K Dick

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