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Monday, September 26, 2016

Startup Woes

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes
Pluck and persistence saves dying startup
I'm reading a story about a little internet based startup company. It's not a bad story, but these weird place names pop up, like Vaishali and Hauz Khas and I'm wondering where this could be. I've never heard of any such places, but the USA is full of towns with strange names that I've never heard of. I mean the hills are alive with the sound of strange old European names. Maybe these guys are operating in some obscure, dead coal mining town in Pennsylvania. Unlikely, yes, but you never know. Weirder things have happened. So I check. They are in Dehli, India, half the world away, and he's writing like he's in California. Weird, man.

Other new-to-me terms:
runway period - The amount of time until your startup goes out of business, assuming your current income and expenses stay constant. Typically calculated by dividing the current cash position by the current monthly burn rate. -

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