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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What's the caliber again?

Kalishnikov CV-1
Kalishnikov, the same company that brought us the AK-47 assault rifle, is working on an electric car. They unveiled this prototype at the International Military and Technical Forum. The press is all a-twitter with useless noise (more powerful than a locomotive! faster than a speeding bullet!). It's not a bad looking car, though it is reminiscent of 40 year old Russian designs. Maybe it will appeal more to people looking for a practical electric car rather than a flashy status symbol, like the Tesla.

Via Ross

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1 comment:

Robert the Biker said...

Yeah, 40 year old Russian cars, like the LADA, which was previously the Polski-Fiat, which was the Fiat 124 with the older Fiat pushrod engine, which was a 1960s design, so about 60 years old now. This looks near exactly like one, only with a weird grill because progress I guess. If it's anything like their previous efforts, it'll come pre-rusted out from the factory, with parts missing.