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Sunday, November 1, 2009


We were talking at lunch the other day about drugs and current attempts to legalize marijuana, i.e. California Assembly Bill 390, being as California is broke and they are in need of a new source of loot. Opinions varied. Some people think all drugs should be legal and the government shouldn't be involved. Me, I'm worried about what will happen if all drugs do become legal. I can just see it now: television advertisements from major drug manufacturers during prime time telling you to "ask your doctor if heroin is right for you".

If you follow the money, you might conclude (like me) that drugs are illegal because the way it is now, too many people are making too much money off them. Even if the South American and Mexican drug cartels were interested in making drugs legal (no telling if they are or not), there is no way it is going to happen. There are too many people in Washington who are getting too much money to allow anything like that to happen.

Anyway the consensus was that while the Cartels think they may be well versed in the ways of corruption, they are mere amateurs when it comes to playing in the big leagues in Washington D.C.

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