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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tucker Combat Car

Ross, on his way to Denver, saw a Tucker Torpedo on the road this morning. There aren't too many Tucker automobiles around, so I thought I would poke around on the web and see if someone in Eastern Oregon had managed to latch onto one, and maybe posted some pictures. Well, I found a bunch of pictures of the Tucker Torpedo, but none that seem to be from Eastern Oregon. But while I was looking I found this video of the Tucker Combat Car on AutoBlog:

Quite the gizmo, quite a lot of technology packed into a pretty small package. I'll bet it was expensive, and that's probably why it didn't make it into production. The turret did, though.

And since I think the Tucker is a pretty good looking car, I collected some photos. No credits this time. Some of the web pages I found these on were miles long, took forever to load, and one of them kept trying to play some audio anouncement, all of which I found extremely irritating, so nobody gets any credit this morning.

Tucker Automobile
Update November 2019 replaced dead Picasa slideshow with photo and link to Google Photos album.

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