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Friday, August 3, 2012

O Dark Thirty

Made an early morning run to PDX today. Going there, there were no problems. Coming back was another story.

  • Driving in the right lane of the three lane access road, there is a car 100 feet ahead of me in the middle lane. Suddenly a car comes out of a side street on the right hand side of the road, goes across both the right and center lanes before turning right into the leftmost lane. Nearly got clipped by the car in the center lane. Brake lights and horn. 3rd time in a week I have been witness to a near accident.
  • Getting on to I-205 Southbound I notice a car coming up behind me. Speed limit is 55, I'm going 60, and I'm in the slow lane. What are they thinking? They pass me on the left going 65 easy, followed half a second later by a copper with all of his red and blue lights flashing. Where did he come from?
  • On Highway 26 Westbound out of downtown, going through the tunnel we run into a big cloud of dust. Looks brownish, but smells like cement. Big cloud, persists for a couple of hundred yards, half of it is on the far side of the tunnel.
  • Still on 26, cruising along at 60, and we're getting passed by several (many?) cars going at least 70. I suspect an early morning shift change at Ronler Acres.

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