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Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Russia

Best story of the day comes from Russia. I could try and verify it with a Western news source, but what if I could? Just increases the likelihood that the story is true, and if I couldn't, well, then it's being suppressed by the fascists in control of our press.
     Seems we have a Russian citizen locked up in Guantanamo. He's been there for ten years. We found him in an Al-Qaeda hideout in Pakistan, so he might very well be a terrorist. Then again he might be a pizza delivery guy. Who knows? Who's telling? And if they told you, would you believe them? Whatever.
     The Russians want to talk to him. Seems reasonable. If Russia was holding one of our citizens on some trumped up charge in some God-forsaken hell hole, you can bet we would be screaming bloody murder if they wouldn't let us talk to him. Wouldn't we? Or maybe we'd just ask for his coordinates so we could drop a Hellfire missile on him. And what kind of name is that for a weapon? That's about the worst thing I can think of. Hellfire missiles are designed to destroy armored vehicles like tanks. Any kind of ordinary thing, like a building or a truck, much less a person, does not stand a chance.

Apache Engage Insurgents Hiding In A Building With 2 Hellfire Missiles
[Old video caption: Apache attack with Hellfire and 30mm Gun]

I think the gunfire was superfluous. I had a hard time finding a good video. There are a bunch of videos of Hellfire missiles out there, but most of them suffer from upbeat music, people cheering death & destruction, disorienting editing or long drawn out surveillance scenes.

Update September 2017 replaced missing video. Video title was formerly prefixed with "Afghanistan - Absolutely typical ".
Update March 2020 replaced missing video with something similar.

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