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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Idea for a Source Code Editor

How about an editor that color codes the age of particular lines of source code? You have a piece of source that has been around for a while, either it's under development or it needs some changes. Wouldn't it be nice if the older lines, lines of code that have proven themselves to be useful and correct were given a dark gray background, newer lines could be given a white background, and lines that have been changed umpteen zillion times a red background? That's my big idea of the moment. I will leave implementation as an exercise for the student.


Ole Phat Stu said...

That's a fairly easy mod to make to your source-code control system (SCCS).
You are using a SCCS I hope?

Charles Pergiel said...

I've used SCCS when I was working on projects with other people, but I never liked them. Too complicated, too wrapped up in themselves, too many new commands and operations to learn. Disk space is cheap. Now I just make a copy of the whole thing and increment the version number on the directory.