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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Morning

Broke 1,000 on the Jumble this morning. Got more than 1x scores on all words. Don't know as I've ever done that before. I was surprised because I was a little fuzzy headed at 7AM when I was working on this.

Darling daughter is fixing breakfast these days, something about how I should be eating 'healthier' or some such nonsense. (I mean what's wrong with jelly donuts? I like jelly donuts.)  What all have we got here? Eggs I understand. Rice is okay. Turkey bacon is at least a form of meat, although how it can be 'all natural' and 'taste like bacon' is beyond me. Er, maybe it doesn't taste all that much like bacon. But then we have salad with radishes and avocado. Salad? For breakfast? Right. Healthier. Fine.
    The salad is left over from last night and after I had served myself older son tells me that all the radishes are on the bottom, which I thought was a really good place for them. I've run into a couple of radishes that were like red hot, which makes them all suspect and something to be avoided. These were very mild, almost as flavorless as water chestnuts, which is kind of how I feel about the whole salad thing. The stuff that goes into salads either tastes bad, or has virtually no taste at all, so why are my kids so ga-ga over salads? I don't get it. Maybe that's why I weigh 250 pounds.


Ole Phat Stu said...

I don't know the rules of Jumble, but I see no anagrams that could have scored more, and you got the 2x on the timer, so how does one score the 1450 they claim as max?

Charles Pergiel said...

One timer to rule them all. The quicker you come up with a solution, the higher the multiplier. It starts with 5x (the first two words) and then every so often it drops by one. Sometime before 1:40 it dropped to 2x. As far as I know there is only one word that unscrambles each jumbled word. I have never encountered a second, and if you do you have to consider whether it is 'a common, everyday word'.

Vanessa Traum said...

I don't think I'll ever eat salad for breakfast! But the avacodo (check spelling) is very good in the morning. I Doctor has told me eating something high in fat the first hour your awake teaches your body to burn fat All Day! Some people, not me of course, drink melted butter first thing. It should be Atleast 100 calories, and lots of fat. Hmm, Bacon?

Charles Pergiel said...

I like bacon, but my enjoyment is not part of the program.