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Sunday, July 6, 2014

North Versus South

Alien Children Invading the USA under the watchful eyes of their alien masters and their collaborators.

Dustbury put up a post about the hordes of children coming to the USA from south of the border. Tony Woodlief thinks we could be a little more sympathetic. The old bat who I inadvertently crossed some months ago disagrees. Well, every lunatic is entitled to their opinion.

I don't know what's going, but I suspect climate has something to do with it. People in Northern temperate zones (Europe, USA, Russia) seem to be 'better behaved' / 'more civilized', or maybe the governments here just have better control. Southern areas, not so much. I tend to think that Catholicism with it's prohibitions on birth control is a big part of the problem. Or maybe it's that the elite in these southern countries don't think it is worth educating the peasants, because, after all, they are just peasants, what do they need an education for?

Or maybe it's our own fault for pushing our secular agenda (if only you had a shiny new whatsit, you would be happy) and it has infected everyone within reach of a radio or TV. Maybe if we cut off all electronic communication south of the border then the poor people there would accept their lot and suffer in silence as God intended.

Or maybe, just maybe, if you put enough people in a small enough area, dump on them constantly while raking off all of the wealth for you and yours, the people on the bottom will become desperate enough to try something wild and crazy, like sending their kids north where they might have a chance at something better than being a doormat.

 It's not really clear, but I believe the '000 near the top of this graphic means that all the numbers on the charts mean thousands of children. The word 'children' is a little misleading, what they mean is anyone under the age of 18. In many parts of the world you are an adult by the age of 15. From The Economist.

P.S. The picture at the top is actually English schoolchildren practicing a gas mask drill during WW2.

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