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Monday, July 7, 2014

Quote of the Day

there are two types of countries in the world:
1) ones that use the metric system.
2) ones that have been to the moon.
Stolen from Dustbury, who stole it from Hatless, who found it out wandering around lost. And because I'm feeling a little ornery this morning, but not ornery enough to tackle anything more difficult, I'll let you in on how I feel about the metric system: it's great for stuff that is too small to see and for stuff that is too far away to touch, but for everyday existence, I prefer American. A foot is a foot, a mile a minute is a good speed for getting somewhere by car. One hundred degrees is hot, zero degrees is cold. What are the values for these in the metric system? Prime numbers from the planet Xylorcanth. And before you go trying to tell me that we could have a kilometer a minute as a good speed, if we only changed the length of a second to a more metric-centric value, let me remind you that your heart beats once per second, or it would if you were a real human and not some Eurocentric cyborg wanna-be.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Re: Cartoon : That'd be 80cms per liter. Yup, sounds about right for an american V8 car ;-)