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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ordinary Shopping in Buenos Aires

You can't see the dragonflies in this image, and I don't understand why not. There certainly were enough of them, and I think they should be big enough to be picked up by the camera. Oh well, I've been wrong before.
Went shopping with the kids this afternoon. First stop was the furniture store, which was closed. Second stop was a bedding and patio furniture. They had a very nice yard with green grass, red walls, green ivy, colorful furniture, more dragonflies than you could count and a young woman singing covers of American pop hits playing over the sound system. A very pleasant wait while K-girl picked out pillows and fluff.
    Walking down the street we passed a hardware store, so we had to stop in and inquire about a hammer drill. All the walls here are made of concrete, so hanging anything on the wall takes a little more oomph than punching a hole in sheetrock, hence hammer drill. They wanted 1900 pesos, or roughly $190 for the smallest Bosch unit they had. We did not buy one.
     We tried another shop for furniture but it turned out to be a school. The headmaster (or head janitor, I couldn't tell) turned up while we were pondering our next move, which K-girl decided was to move on. I thought we should have stayed and talked to the guy. Obviously my opinion is worth less than zero.
     Stopped at a couple small grocery stores and spent $271 (pesos) for a dozen or so items.

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AndrewP said...

What's the chinese tool availability there? My $160 dewalt cordless hammer drill needs a $80 battery and a $60 motor, but I can get a stronger corded hammer drill (& disposable) at china's harbor freight for $40.
So your in town and walk to most bodegas? Hop on a bus yet, do they have tut tuts there?
Are the women as beautiful as is rumored? Have you seen Miss Universe?