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Sunday, March 15, 2015

NASA Interactive Satellite Tracker

Update November 2017. NASA's Interactive Satellite Tracker is no longer available.

NASA Interactive Satellite Tracker
Very cool. Click on any satellite (the little blue winged honey bees) (on NASA's web site, the above image is just a picture) and it tells you what it is. Updates position in real-time. Let's you select a sub-set of satellites to display. Might get a little crowded if they were all displayed. Zoom in or out so you can see who's looking at you right now. If you want to see something scary look at the plots of the debris from destroyed satellites. Scary if you're an astronaut anyway.

Remember the satellite that Iran launched last month? It's gone. The orbit decayed over a period of a few days and presumably it entered the atmosphere and burned up. Had to really dig to find any information about it at all.
    In other news an old DoD satellite blew up so we've got more debris in orbit. One good reason for deorbiting obsolete satellites.

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