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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Take the Roar Out of Snore

Take The Roar Out of Snore

My wife used to complain about my snoring. I used to be chronically tired which led to a sleep study, which gave me a diagnosis of mild sleep apnea aggravated by my excess weight. The medical professions solution was a $1000 CPAP (Constant Positive Airway Pressure) fan-in-a-box machine (paid for by medical insurance). It is annoying, cumbersome and awkward, but it works. Chronic exhaustion is a thing of the past. Now I only suffer from ordinary tired from not getting enough sleep.
    At some point I discovered that if I slept curled up on my side in my recliner (you need a wide seat to accommodate thigh bones going crosswise across the seat), I slept as well as I did with the CPAP machine. None of the doctors I have talked to about this believe me. According to the AMA, CPAP and CPAP alone can treat this problem. So it's nice to get a little validation, even if it's from an annoying YouTube video ad. Plus we have a woman snoring. Bonus!

Update August 2015. Replaced missing video.

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