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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Thieves broke into Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd. in London over the weekend and looted 300 of the 600 safe deposit boxes. Reading the description of the heist I am reminded of several heist movies. Seems I'm not the only one. From the Daily Mail:
Police may never find out what was stolen in Hatton Garden because victims often prefer not to reveal what their secret boxes contained.In the Baker Street heist of 1971 thieves raided security boxes said to have contained compromising pictures of Princess Margaret.The raid, known as the Walkie Talkie Robbery, and the ensuing conspiracy theories formed the plot of the 2008 film The Bank Job starring Jason Statham.The thieves escaped with cash and valuables worth £3million – equivalent to £33million today – from a branch of Lloyds Bank in central London. Like the latest heist, the villains took their time. They rented a leather goods shop two doors down, and tunnelled for 50 yards.But when they reached the bank, their conversations over walkie talkies were picked up by ham radio enthusiast Robert Rowlands who lived nearby.He alerted police, but they did not take him seriously. Officers checked nearby banks, including the one the thieves were in, but found no sign of break-ins, leaving the gang to flee with the contents of 300 safe deposit boxes. Four men were later jailed.
International Business Times tipped me to the story. They also had this gem:
A security guard was alerted when an alarm went off on Friday but said he "wasn't paid enough" to check inside the safe, according to reports.

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