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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quote of the Day

    This idea is basic to doing any kind of fancy math with a computer, but it seldom gets mentioned. Being as the paper was written by a couple of guys involved in molecular biology, I suspect that the M after the numbers in the last sentence refer to Moles, as in the molecular concentration of a particular substance in a fluid. fM would be femtoMoles. 10 to the minus 14th power written in decimal form is .000000000000001

  • 1 milli-whatever is written as .001
  • 1 micro .000001
  • 1 nano  .000000001
  • 1 pico  .000000000001
  • 1 femto .000000000000001
    Whenever you are making calculations, you want to use numbers as close to one as you can because inevitably you are going to encounter a multiply or divide by a zillion and if you started with a very big or very small number your result will be off the scale and your answer will be worthless.
    Just for reference, a double precision number in today's common floating point format can have at most 16 significant digits,


Ole Phat Stu said...

atto boy!

Charles Pergiel said...

Just realized you didn't misspell atta. Very funny!