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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Car of the Day

I don't know whether this is the police wearing camo, or a camo-kazy playing copper. And if you are painting the car with a camouflage scheme, why do you leave the bumper white?
    I tried to look up the license plate. Google returned a couple of ads claiming '"free" license plate lookups. Shysters. I suppose you could argue, if you were a slimeball lawyer, that they did look up the license for free, but they won't tell you anything without being paid. I just wanted to know if was registered to a government agency or not.
    I think it's an Oregon plate, but I can't determine what the little round emblem is. The Oregon DMV has pages of sample plates. The closest I found was the Gold Star Family, but the color doesn't look right.
    I blurred the license plate using PicMonkey with the instructions I found on this page. Seems to be the thing to do, though I'm not sure it really does anyone any good. I mean people drive around with their license plates exposed for all to see. Why should a photo of a car out in public be any different?

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