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Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Frozen Ground

Vanessa Hudgens as Cindy Paulsen in The Frozen Ground
The film stars Nicholas Cage. I wonder how many movies of his I have seen. Must be in the dozens. He does a workmanlike job here as the state trooper investigating Robert Hansen for a series of murders . It's a pretty horrific and intense story. It also does a pretty good job of portraying the sleazy side of life. Nick is on the straight and narrow side and Cindy is not and while he tries to communicate with her, their worlds are just too different.  For example, she has no problem turning tricks, but is afraid to get up on stage and dance. No, you don't get to see her naked, or even topless. She is, after all, a respectable actress. There are plenty of other naked women parading around the strip clubs and brothels, so you are not left completely frustrated.
    It's a little weird how strongly I react to images of pretty women, and from the evidence, I would say it's not just me but most men react the same way. There is one school of thought that says naked women, whether images or in person, tend to sexually arouse men. There is another that says their appearance is relaxing. I think both are true. Your reaction depends on you and the situation.
    Killers, now that's another matter. Perhaps they are broken, or damaged. In any case we are lucky there aren't more of them.

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