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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kill The Messenger

Andy Garcia as Norwin Meneses and Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb in a Latin American Prison in Kill The Messenger (2014)
I read the blurb on HBO and said 'bleh', that sounds boring, but 15 minutes later when my wife had had enough of her project she read the same blurb and said let's watch that, so we did. It is a hell of a movie. It's all about Ronald Reagan, Oliver North, the CIA and how their minions in the Federal Government are a bunch of worthless scumbags who are only interested in maintaining the power structure and their own cushy jobs. Well, that's my take on it.
    We hear reports about how reporters in Russia are murdered, but I don't think we have any room to talk. The people who are in power don't give a shit about anybody who isn't supporting them and if smearing their name doesn't shut them up, then go ahead and smear them like bugs on a windshield. That will shut them up but good.

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