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Thursday, August 27, 2015


1. The Atlantic has a story about how students on college campuses are easily offended and all the people who are scrambling to prostate themselves before this new form of tyranny. I'm reading along and these guys seem to be taking this stuff very seriously with all kinds of examples, stories and what not. I read on for a bit and then I realize this is all horseshit, so I stop.

2. When I was in school, elementary school most notably, there were the popular kids and there was everyone else. Occasionally I would notice a couple of kids, usually girls, with their heads together, casting side-long looks in my direction and laughing. A couple of times I took them to task and asked them what was so funny. The answers I got were meaningless, meaningless to me anyway. They used words I recognized, but what they described was so trivial as to be beneath notice. Okay, you guys are idiots. Go ahead and have a good time, I am going to go back to whatever I was doing and ignore you.

3. There are four parts to civilized life:
  1. the animal, biological and emotional part. All the things that make life possible and worth living.
  2. things, which are everything else,
  3. money, and
  4. the intellect.
4. One of the purposes of public schools is the socializing of the individual. I take this to mean learning to cooperate with other people. It is pretty much an instinctive thing, it can't really be taught. Oh, we have rules, like manners, which we are supposed to follow, but the whole person-to-person interaction thing runs on instinct.

5. The USA has become very efficient at production, so efficient that a large segment of our population has nothing to do except watch what other people are doing. Talking about what they see other people doing is an endless source of amusement, and for some people it is their whole life.

So if you want to play on the playground with the other kids, you are going to have to deal with the kind of horseshit that gets thrown around. On the other hand, you don't have to play there, you can go inside to the library and read, or try and find other people who want to do something besides play childish games. Be warned that they are hard to find because everybody gets involved in this nonsense at one time or another, so don't write them off because of one small incident. Give 'em a second chance, but if they blow that, cut 'em dead.

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