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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Trump the jackass & Hillary the smooth sophisticate

I am trying to ignore the US campaigns for President. Most of what passes for news is useless drivel. I suspect Trump is all smoke and noise and he will go down in flames. But I've been wrong about every Presidential election before this, so maybe not.
     There is one thing I don't understand and that is why Hillary is so often vilified. Yes, I know she's a Democrat and Democrat's are known supporters of Gun Control, and therefor the enemy of every right thinking American, but it seems to go way beyond that.
    This morning I found a story in my inbox from Michael Arnovitz that delves into this phenomena. I found it that it confirmed my suspicions: the people who hate Hillary hate her because she's a woman who is trying to step into a role traditionally held by men. The stupider the jackass, the louder he brays.

P.S. Lots of pictures of the dynamic duo out there, and yes, I picked one that showed Hillary to advantage. Bluster can be useful, but I've had my fill of Trump.

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