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Friday, June 3, 2016

Moa, Cuba

If Cuba is going to join the world economic community, they are going to need to produce something besides colorful entertainment. They do produce sugar and tobacco, but producing only agricultural crops pretty much relegates you to 'colony' status. Then I find that there is a good sized nickel mine in Moa. Along with the mine there is an ore processing plant, which needs electricity. 50 years of Fidel has pretty much destroyed the countries infra-structure, so the first thing they needed was a new electric plant.

ABB generators arriving at the new Moa power plant. Photo: Courtesy Harren & Partner
Faced with an electricity crisis caused by aging thermoelectric plants, an obsolete grid and hurricane damages, Cuba in 2006 decided to decentralize part of its electric system by deploying hundreds of fuel-oil generators that run 24 hours a day, and thousands of backup generators that kick in during peak hours or emergencies. The decentralized approach — which is part of a larger program dubbed “Energy Revolution” — helped Cuba eliminate extended blackouts in a matter of months, at a relatively low cost, and made the system more resilient to hurricane damage. - The Cuban Handshake, 2014

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