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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rx Rx Rx


Blue Cross recently ditched Walgreens as their pharmacy of choice, now they've hooked up with some other outfit with a made up name I can't remember. We signed up with them a couple of months ago when it was first announced. I've been back a couple of times to try and order some drugs, but they have forgotten who I am. Well, I'm not going to waste my time fooling around with them. I figure the longer I wait the more time they will have to get the kinks ironed out. Meanwhile I can still get my daily dose from Walgreens, it just won't be covered by insurance. The stuff I need is really cheap generic stuff, like $2 for a months worth, so no big loss there.
Walgreens has a website that works pretty well, and my computer remembers the site, so I can just point and click and presto my drugs are on their . . . oops, wait a minute. What's the problem here? Call their help line and it seems their local store is holding one of the scripts, so she's going to transfer me. Wait! No! Don't do that, because that will require more of their 'are you the person to whom I am speaking' rigmarole, and I don't want to go to the store, just mail my drugs to me, just like the other bottle of pills. Gotta stay on your toes to thwart these oh so helpful people who are helping you step off the platform and into the path of the oncoming freight train.

You know what's weird? She couldn't find me in her computer. She has my name, my birth date and my phone number, and the only thing she can find is my son, who doesn't use this phone number. So I give her my wife's phone number and now she can find me. (Had to think long and hard about that number. She calls home every day and I see the number displayed on the phone, but I seldom, if ever call her, so it's not cached where it can easily be shunted to the output queue.) An hour later I get a robo-call wanting to know how their service was. Phuk you robo-cop, I ain't wasting my time with your stupid survey. If you paid any attention at all you'd know that the one thing I HATE is stupid machines calling me on the phone, especially when it's just an announcement for something that is already being taken care of. Geez. What a bunch of imbeciles. But that's corporate efficiency for you. Statistically, making a zillion robo-calls is probably helping some flunky make their quarterly bonus.

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