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Saturday, June 18, 2016

To Live and Bike in LA

Elby Electric Bicycle - Photo by Peter Flax
The Hollywood Reporter has a nice story about a commuting race between a car, a bike and the train. I've noticed that driving in my suburban neighborhood and driving in downtown Portand, or even worse, on the eastside, requires a different mindset. You get accustomed to one situation and then you drive across town and situation is different. Eastside streets are narrower and are, relatively speaking, clogged with pedestrians and bicycles. We get that situation every day around 2:15 PM in front of the elementary school in my neighborhood, but that is such a cluster fuck that I will go ten miles out of my way to avoid it. The east side isn't that bad, but it's ALL congested so there is no way to avoid it.
    Cars and bicycles should really have their own roads, but total segregation is not going to happen anytime soon. Meanwhile we are going to have to learn to get along. Maybe we should be offering classes to high school students on how to behave on the road. Maybe we should be offering classes to anyone who wants one. Or maybe we should be requiring everyone to attend a class and get their mind adjusted to be better suited to our brave new world [tm].

Amazon has electric bicycles.

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