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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Art & Technology

The Archetypes Burst In -- Cosmo Wenman at REAL2016

Cosmo gives us a little history and insight into how museums handle sculpture, and then he tell's us about his forays into 3-D scanning and printing of famous sculptures. A great number of people have been very busy.
Art is kind of weird. Most people enjoy it, a few people make a living at it, and some rich folks make headlines when they pay some fantastic price for a piece. I never understood the desire to have an original. If all you are doing is looking at it, and you can't tell the difference between your copy and the original, who cares? Obviously, some people do. I dunno, maybe if I had a billion dollars I would care about such things too.

Via Mr. Healy, Weird America and The Fredini's Cabinet of Curiosities.

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