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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Background Check

Donal Logue as Captain Kevin Tidwell holding the perp's damaged shotgun
We've been watching Life on Netflix and it is pretty entertaining. The other night we see Detectives Crews and Reese attempting to buy ice cream from a vendor's truck, but there's a criminal hiding in the truck pointing a shotgun at Charlie. Well, he's pointing it at the wall of the truck, but Charlie is on the outside and the criminal is on the inside. It's one of those ubiquitous delivery trucks with thin aluminum walls that are no barrier to bullets. This comes to Charlie's attention via one of those wide angle mirrors that people are always sticking up all over the place so you can see around corners, so Charlie takes out his gun and points it the criminal. Words are spoken, Charlie counts to two and then a gunshot is heard. Next thing we see is the blood besmirched criminal being wheeled away on a gurney loudly complaining that Charlie never got to three. In the aftermath, the Captain shows up to congratulate his detectives and we see him holding a shotgun (photo above). The end of the barrel has been splayed wide open. Nothing is said about the gun, no one (in the show) takes any notice of it, but it's right there in the middle of the screen.

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