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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Harrod's London
Me and another guy ride our bicycles to the theater to see Elizabeth Doolittle in that play/musical thing. We are walking in an aisle that goes across the theater, we reach the up/down aisle that leads to our seats and I realize my friend has ditched his bicycle, presumably outside the entrance but I still have mine with me. So I go looking the entrance where I will presumably find a big heap of bikes and I can add mine to the pile. Through some magical dream work, I find myself back outside and now I'm looking for the entrance, which should be right here, but it's not. And it's not around the corner either. Now I'm asking people where the theater is, but I don't know the name and I can't remember the name of the show either. All I can remember is that it's about Elizabeth Doolittle. Nobody knows what I'm talking about. I begin to suspect that I am not even on the right city block. My exit from the theater must have taken me under a city street, but we didn't go down at all, so what happened?

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