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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sammy's Linto

In response to my post about the Harley Davidson Sprint, Stu sent me this picture.
Sammy's Linto
Via Stu
Sammy is Sammy Miller, champion motorcycle racer. The Linto is a 500 cc Grand Prix racer from 1969. It used the top end from two single cylinder engines and grafted them onto a custom crankcase. It was a competitor. 

Linto Engine
Lots of pictures of this bike out on the net. I collected a few of them into one page. Only a handful of these bikes were made. At what point do all the bits from all the images outweigh the original machine?


Ole Phat Stu said...

24 were built, the later ones with the short-stroke engines, revving 1000 rpm higher for a few more hp over the standard 61hp.

Stu (again) said...

Bits weigh 3.2 * 10^-35 grams per bit.
I'll leave you to do the math now ;-)