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Thursday, August 11, 2016


I sort of knew that when we have a gun-grabbing Democrat in the White House, gun sales go up, but I didn't realize that they had gone up so much under Obama. There was a small bump when Clinton was President, but nothing like what we have now.
    Now, admittedly, I keep my filters set pretty high so I don't have to listen to most of the caterwauling that passes for news these days, but I really can't detect any difference between the Democrats then and the Democrats now, which makes me think there is some other social current at work here.
    Meanwhile, at the airport, most of the guns the TSA finds are found in Atlanta. Why would that be? Are Georgians really that much more forgetful than the rest of the country? Is the TSA in Atlanta that much more alert? That's just weird.
   Less surprising is that 80% of the guns they find are loaded. Unloaded guns might be safe, but they are also useless. If you are going to carry a gun for protection, it needs to be loaded. However, if you are going to carry a gun for protection, you should remember that you are carrying it.
    The TSA finds a couple of thousand guns a year. 600 million passengers boarded airline flights last year, which means one out of 300,000 had forgotten they were carrying a gun. I have about a 50% chance of having my pocket knife confiscated every time I fly. I haven't been arrested yet. Carrying a gun to the airport will get you arrested.

Via View From The Porch.

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