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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Magnum Force (10/10) Movie CLIP - A Man's Got to Know His Limitations (1973) HD

This phrase came up at lunch today, which got me to wondering who has replaced Clint as our All American tough guy? There are Arnold (age 69) and Bruce (61), but they're nearly as old as Clint (86), and then there's Nicolas Cage (52), but he has made too many movies to be categorized as a tough guy. Now there's Vin Diesel (49), Jason Statham (49) and Clive Owen (52), but Jason and Clive are Brits. Vin? I dunno. I liked the Riddick movies and Babylon A.D., but the Fast & Furious movies were just chickenshit. Is he ever gonna be in a movie as great as any of Clint's? I suspect not, but not because he isn't as good as Clint, but because society has moved the goalposts that are used to judge a movie. Fast & Furious sells tickets ($3.9 billion worth), so that's what Hollywood makes.

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