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Friday, June 30, 2017

Nicks First Day training at Camp.

Promotional Photo for camp Oopsie
Nick is my nephew, he lives in Iowa. Iaman relays this tale.
Nick hired on as a camp counselor / teenage wrangler at Camp Oopsie [name changed to protect the guilty].
He arrived for training but through a snafu, that wasn't available,  so he went to the kitchen to help out.
The dishes needed washing so he loads the dishwasher with the first load,  and the motor shorts out and burns.
Dealing with small fire,  that he sets to wash the 200 dishes by hands.
Wednesdays are cookout day,  the cooks day off.  except it starts to rain, hard.
Nick having cooked at HyVee, says "I can handle this"  and cooks 200 hamburgers for the starving kids.
They sit, they say their blessing, and......Tornado sirens go off,  drop your burgers and into the shelter, quick.
An hour there and the power goes off.
Then an all clear.
Raining like crazy, another tornado warning, back into the shelter for another hour,
Luckily somebody brought fruit chewy snacks.
Another all clear,  still raining,  the rivers flooding, so Nick goes and pulls the 12 canoes up the hill from the flooded bank.
Kids sheltering in the church building are frantic, there's a bat swooping inside, getting a tennis racket Nick sweeps the critter out into the black blowing night.
Leaving the kids in the care of the staff, Nick drives home at 11 PM through the storm.

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