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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Psychedelic sight
When I flew into Omaha a couple of weeks ago I was treated to a spectacular sight. I was seated on the left side of the airplane behind the wing. As we approached Eppley field, the plane made a banked turn to the left. It was nighttime, the weather was clear and the lights of the city were clearly visible. As the plane banked into the turn I could see the lights of the city reflected in the upper surface of the wing. It was a spectacular sight - I could see the lights of the city above and below the wing, barely moving, as the ground usually looks from an airplane, and I could see the reflected lights sliding crazily along the wing.  Neato keeno, but I wasn't prepared and I didn't have my camera out, so no pic.

Saturday night I flew into Omaha again and once again I am seated on the left hand side of the plane behind the wing. As we approach landing, it occurs to me that we might see this same sight again, and sure enough as soon as I finish telling my seatmate about this wondrous sight, the plane banks into its final approach turn and the same view unfolds before us. This time I managed to have my camera ready and was able to snap three or four pics. The one above is the best of the lot, and it's pretty poor.

The winglet at the end of the wing is visible on the left, between the two red lights and single white jaggy. I think the reflected view shows up in the photo as the lighter strip going right and slightly downward from the two red lights. The blur of brownish lights and the cluster of white jaggies must be coming from the ground.

P.S. This post is tagged with Iowa instead of Nebraska because Omaha's airport is in Iowa.

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