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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Heart - "Barracuda" (1977)

This song has been popping up on YouTube recently. I remember it, of course, from back in the day. It's a great tune, but now when I am listening to it, I got to wondering just what the heck is she singing about? Never bothered me before, it was a hard rocking tune, and I was jammin', the FM radio in my car was my soundtrack. But now I listen to it and I am puzzled. A barracuda is a fast predator that lives in the sea. Has kind of a nasty reputation. Reading the lyrics (because half the time I can't understand all the lyrics and the other half of the time I get half of the words wrong) doesn't really get me anywhere. This story over on Ultimate Classic Rock explains that Ann Wilson was angry with some of the jerks she encountered in the music business, which sounds a whole lot like the Boss Hoss tune Monkey Business. The lyrics don't really make that clear. Actually they don't make a much sense, but hey, poetic license, use your imagination.

Then I'm reading in the Wikipedia article about how Sarah Palin used this as her theme song at the 2008 Republican National Convention, and I'm wondering 'are Republicans really that tone deaf?', but then I remember some other stuff I have read about why Trump is so popular, and I think I understand. They are just like I was, when I was busy and had a job. I didn't know or care what the song was about, I just liked it. It's only now that I am unemployed that I have time to think about such things. The whole thing with the Republicans and Trump is that they want a major change in our nation's direction and they don't care about any of these little chicken-shit issues that those persistent liberal reporter gadflies keep bringing up.. They want a change in direction and if they can't get the train to change direction they will be perfectly happy to derail it because they don't like the direction it is heading. Sounds like a culture war to me.

P.S. Heart is still in business, or at least they were in 2014.

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