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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kamikaze Drone

Россия показала свой новый беспилотник-камикадзе «Куб»
[Russia showed its new Kamikaze drone "Kub"]

Could drones replace artillery? Shell fired from cannons travel much faster, but their range is limited to a couple dozen miles at most. Also, you need a cannon to fire those shells, and cannons are big, heavy, expensive, precision machines. This thing needs a slingshot, something most any backyard mechanic could put together. The drone is much more complex than a dumb artillery shell, but not as complicated as some. Since the technology that goes into drones has become commonplace, the drone itself could be put together by the same backyard mechanic.

Google translation of the YouTube blurb:
At the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment IDEX-2019 in Abu Dhabi, the Kalashnikov concern presented a new intelligent weapon - the high-precision unmanned aerial system KUB-BLA.
This is stated in the press service of Rostec State Corporation, the structure of which includes Kalashnikov.
UB-UAV "is designed to destroy remote ground targets. An unmanned aerial vehicle delivers a special load on the coordinates of the target, which are set manually or in the image from the target load of guidance. This complex is a step towards a completely new combat operations. We confidently keep in the forefront among the countries-producers of such weapons,” said Rostekh CEO Sergey Chemezov.
High-precision unmanned projectile flies up to 30 minutes at a speed of 130 km per hour. The charge on this complex is delivered to the target, regardless of its secrecy and terrain, both at small and at high altitudes. This is a very accurate and most effective weapon that is very difficult to fight with using traditional air defense systems.
I'm wondering it we ought to require all drones to be registered, or at least require them to carry a radio transponder with an ID so the owner can be tracked down. License plates serve the same function on cars. More importantly, we also need a fleet of copper drones to take down any drones that trespass into airliner airspace.

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