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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Siege of Fort Bismarck

Pusher Biplane on floats from The Siege of Fort Bismarck
What a great picture. People, Japanese or Chinese or possibly Germans, transporting a float plane across dry land using oxcarts. Vunderbar!

The Siege of Fort Bismarck is a movie set during WW1 in Asia. Short description of the movie, translated by Google:
Japanese pilots in white gloves against the Kaiser infantry in pickelhaub. This was to be painted by Miyazaki.
Very funny movie, given some elements of form and weapons :). It seems that the Japanese read "Guns of the Navaron Island", and then turned off the pages of self-roll and tightened well.
At the same time, there are a lot of well-shot various battle scenes - from air combat (in 1914, hmm) to squadron shooting. There are a lot of special effects.
Separately impressive is the dropping of bombs by hitting a rope with a knife on which the bomb is suspended.
The theme of the fraternal Chinese people is also revealed.
Trying to figure out just what airplane this is, I found there were a bunch of similar configuration. Aside from being on wheels instead of floats, this one has several of the main features in common with the one above. The nose is different, but I'm not sure that is significant.

Voisin Type 1
Via Just a Car Guy

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