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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video of Oil Gushing from Kink in Well Riser

Jody sent me this.

How deep is this? From Wikipedia:
  • 100 feet: Modern plastic tourist submarine.
  • 300 feet: World War I submarines with carbon steel hulls.
  • 600 feet: World War II submarines with alloy steel hulls.
  • 1,000 feet: Modern military submarines with high-strength alloy steel hulls.
  • 4,000 feet: Rumor of crazy Russian military submarine with titanium hull.
  • 5,000 feet (one mile): This oil leak.
  • 15,000 feet: Alvin Research Submarine
  • 35,000 feet: Deepest part of the ocean (Mariana Trench) reached in 1960 by the Trieste.
Sunlight reaches a depth of about 300 feet. Below that, you need to bring your own lights. To be able to illuminate a scene this large well enough to capture it on video must require some pretty bright lights.

1 comment:

jody said...

now there are posts saying that because of the lighting difficulty thing, the "live feed" may be a fake...