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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sebring ABS Connector

Younger son and I started our second attempt to repair our Chrysler Sebring today. We made good progress with the preliminaries, removing the wheels, the plastic fender liners and disconnecting cables and hoses until we got to the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) controller. Going to try using a slightly different procedure this time. Instead of disconnecting it from the frame and the brake lines from the front wheels, we are going to leave it bolted to the front subframe member and instead disconnect it from the wiring harness and the master cylinder. Should be simpler. I hope.
    Everything was fine until it came time to disconnect it from the wiring harness. Great big black, plastic connector, with none of the locks we have seen on all the other cables. Don't even try pulling on it if you can't find the lock, you'll just end up breaking it and having to jury rig some kind of lock to keep it plugged in when you finally put it back together. Finally resort to Google and find a page on Autozone that includes this little tidbit:
15. Disconnect the 25-way wiring harness connector from the CAB using the following procedure. Grasp the lock on the 25-way connector and pull it out from the connector as far as possible. This will unlock and raise the 25-way connector out of the socket on the CAB.
Yeah, okay, sure. What lock? Look at the top. Look at the bottom. Hmmm. What's this bit sticking up on top? Hoy! There is a seam between it and the rest of the connector, right at the top of the body of the connector. Could this be the lock? Well, let's pull on it and find out. Pull, tug, grunt, yank: nothing. Get my little bitty claw hammer, stick the claw in the hole in the side and pry. She moves! Connector still not loose, pry some more, and the connector comes free, just like magic.

Unplugged connector with lock engaged. Socket is at lower right in picture.

Connector with lock released.

When I started this post I tried to find the page that contained the clue, but Google showed nothing from Autozone. I had to go back to the computer I used to find it originally and use that browser's history to locate it. I must have used a slightly different search string.

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