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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Drones R Us

Stolen from Comrade Misfit. I think this notice covers just about all the salient points about drones. I wonder if this drone delivery scheme might actually work, at least for small, light weight items, like a USB dongle or a keychain, that is anything that when dropped from on high would not fall fast enough to hurt anyone. I mean does it really make sense to send out a man with a ten ton truck to deliver an item whose package dwarfs the actual item just so that there is place to put a label that is big enough for a human to read? With minaturized GPS receivers and tiny electric helicopters, they could fly right to your desk. Probably have to wait for someone to open the door for them though.
   Of course, that will just be the first step. Eventually they will want to upgrade to bigger drones, for making those far off rural deliveries. Shoot for really remote locations we could use miniature ballistic missiles, you know, something like a cross between an Estes model rocket and small SAM. They're expendable, you wouldn't have to burn any fuel getting them back to the station. And talk about fast delivery! We would actually be the Jetsons! Of course, some bean counter will look at the cost of rockets and decide the MIRV would be a more efficient delivery method, which would mean the rocket wouldn't be launched until all the package slots were full, so life would be more like Futurama, as usual.

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