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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Lindsay Ell - Gibson Guitar @ NAMM 2013

This is what happens when I am left to my own devices. Grandpa Jack went in the hospital a week ago Thursday (almost two weeks ago) for hip joint replacement surgery. It's almost an outpatient procedure these days, but I  think they were going to keep him overnight, but something went wrong. He was awake and alert after the operation, but then something happened and he has been comatose ever since. My wife wanted to fly back to Iowa and she was all in a tizzy because it costs $300 to fly to Omaha and $1500 to fly to Sioux City via Houston but you don't have to rent a car and I told her not to worry about it, just book the quickest flight so she booked one through Chicago, but then she gets to Chicago and the flight to Sioux City is canceled, but she manages to get a flight to Omaha and her brother drives the 80 odd miles to pick her up so she got there okay. I guess they really don't want you to fly to Sioux City.
    The kids are all out celebrating with their friends and I am sitting at home finishing off a magnum of Champagne that I started the other night. A magnum from Costco costs as much as a regular bottle from Plaid Pantry / Seven Eleven and it comes with a plastic cork, which is easy enough to push back into the bottle but almost impossible to get out. We had to resort to Vise Grips [tm] the other night. Older son tells me there is some kind of $5 tool out there on the internet somewhere that makes short work of these stupid plastic corks, but I would have to point and click to find it and I'm really tired of pointing and clicking.
     So I'm listening to some tunes on YouTube and playing solitaire and this ad comes on, and I click over to it, and damn, that's a good looking woman, which is no big deal because the internet is full of good looking women, but I can stand to listen to these two talking, which is NOT something that happens very often. Even the fat chick is tolerable because she I can listen to her. Maybe it's the champagne, or maybe there is something to women besides pretty faces and sexy bodies. Fat women are, if not often, at least sometimes intelligent. Probably about as often as pretty women are talented (at things besides being pretty women). It's a little disturbing how easily I am captivated by a pretty face.

Update April 2016. Replaced missing video.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Hilarious! But I presume you meant VISE grips, not vice grips ;-)

Chuck Pergiel said...

Fixed. Glad you liked it.