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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Revolting Truth

    I would like to believe in Global Warming. Is it really possible that puny little man can change the climate of an entire planet? Our planet Earth is a really big place, it's like a zillion, zillion times bigger than the people who live here. It would be like a virus killing an elephant. Maybe that's not a good analogy.
    Like I said, I would like to believe in Global Warming, but I have yet to see a clear explanation. Everything I have encountered is hysterical, as in people screaming in panic, not laughing uproariously.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a new company has come out with a new kind of light bulb, or at least they are promising to do so. It is supposed to produce light of similar quality to that produced by our beloved incandescent light bulbs, but it uses only half the electricity. It employs 'induction' technology, similar to what is used in street lights, so it's not really new, it's just that they have managed to shrink the mechanism to the point that it will fit in an ordinary sized light bulb. That would be very cool if they can make it work AND mass produce it.

I've been thinking the incandescent bulb ban was a bad idea because none of the new low power bulbs that were being promoted worked as well, and they cost a lot more. But it seems unlikely that anyone would have bothered to develop this consumer version of the 'induction' light bulb if the law banning incandescent light bulbs had not been passed. Could it be that the Federal Government actually did something right?

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CGHill said...

You can generally assume that if the government did something right, it was purely accidental and not intended.