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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Road Across the Top of the World

Chinese Border Gate with Pakistan at Khunjerab Pass, 15,500 feet elevation.
China and Pakistan have signed a deal to develop an 'economic corridor' from Kashgar, China to Karachi. There is a road between the two countries now, but it's is not what you would call a highway.

With the 'stans getting all the press these days, I wasn't even aware that Pakistan shared a border with China. Of course it's not like an army is going to come flooding across the border.

Khunjerab Pass

At least not until they get the highway built. This isn't China's only project. They seem to be intent on rebuilding the entire 3rd world.

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Zafar Iqbal said...

These are the land marks of PAK-CHINA friendship. Growing political, military and economic relations and unanimity ideas and concerns on certain issues and conflicts in the region will make the two great nations a balancing power in this unbalanced world. I hope the strong relations will control over-ambitious nations from their hidden and open agenda.