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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sale on Vests!

Yes. Yes it does.

Muslim Terrorist Suicide Vest Shop Found in Mali

Don’t buy your suicide vests from inferior bomb tailors.  Why put up with premature explosions?  Or worse yet, a complete dud suicide vest.  Come on down to the best suicide vest shop in all of Africa, The Mali Maelstrom Mushroom Blast Warehouse!  All our vest bombs go off at precisely the right time.  Our designers and tailors conceal the explosives and fuses so well that you can walk around the house and the wife won’t even know you are wearing it.  Our vests come in camel hide, goat chin hair and Iranian carpet textile configurations.  Explode in STYLE!

Mali 'suicide-vest workshop found’

A workshop to make suicide bomber vests has been discovered in northern Mali, the French army has said. About 5,000kg of fertiliser intended to be used as explosive was also uncovered in Bourem, a town on the Niger River between Gao and Timbuktu.
A sample suicide vest and 18 sewing machines were found and it appears local women were employed there, a French army spokesman told the BBC.
 I don't understand why people who aren't required to go, go to war zones. Soldiers I understand, they have been committed, with or without their consent, but reporters? Does any of the 'news' coming out of these 3rd world hell holes do anyone any good? Yes, things are seriously eff-ed up, but what am I going to do about it? OK, I'll put up a blog post every once in a while, but it's the guys with a financial stake in the outcome who are calling the shots. Literally.

Anyway, I came up with another one of my big ideas: any Westerner who is going anywhere in the Middle East or Africa where they are liable to be kidnapped should wear a suicide bombers vest. Once you have been kidnapped, there is a very slim chance of surviving, so make your exit spectacular and take a few of the shitheads with you. Also might cause them to think twice about kidnapping another Westerner. Oops, that would assume they were even thinking to begin with. My bad.

Inspired by Tam.

P.S. Good story in the NY Times from 2012 about the FBI's pursuit of home grown terrorists. Via SyesWideShut.

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