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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The 'correctly oriented' titles are on the left. The 'backwards' ones are on the right. The dozen or so cookbooks have been put in their own section. Anthony's book is the larger, light blue one.
There is a small bookshelf in the place where I am staying that has a couple of dozen books. I sat down to look at it this morning and discovered that there was a film of grit on the covers. Well, that's going to drive me nuts if I have to handle these very much, so I carried them all to the kitchen and wiped off the covers with a damp dishrag. Then I spread them out on the bed to dry.
    The weather here oscillates madly. Some days the weather is like Spring, some days are unbearably hot and humid, and some days we have rainstorms. When the cold front came in the evening before last, the wind struck suddenly, especially twelve floors up in darling daughter's apartment. Boom! goes the door.
    When the weather is warm I like to leave the windows open. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately in the big city, that fresh air comes with grit, so along with the fresh air you get a coating of dust all over the floors and everything else for that matter. It isn't really obvious, but if you walk around the house in white sox or bare feet you will find that your soles are soon black.
     So I cleaned the covers of the books. When I was picking them up I noticed that the titles on the spines of some of the books were backwards. Could this be a Spanish language indicator? Turns out, no. All the books are Spanish. Some of them have the titles on the spines right side up, and the rest of them are upside down.
    As a bonus I found that Anthony Bourdain writes books. I've caught a couple of episodes of his TV show and they are pretty entertaining.


AndrewP said...
CIA graduate, same as cousin Alice, I'll ask her if their were classmates.

LeeAnn said...

I have just last week gotten an Anthony Bourdain book on my Kindle, because the sample they allow for free looked pretty fun. Now my Kindle has died full dead. I can only conclude the reading gawds want me to go paper or go home.