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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Front Door

3671 Lavalle, Beunos Aires, Argentina
I had been here a week before I realized that I was staying in a fancy looking building. When we walked here we came around the corner on the same side of the street, so I was never in a position to actually see the front of the building. I only discovered what it looked like when I started playing around with Google Street View, which is where I got this image.
    The front door (center) is just a plain steel grill. Just inside the grill we have an all glass door with another lock and a modern marble and glass lobby with a stainless steel elevator. To the left of the front door is the electric car door, which opens onto a tunnel which goes back ten meters or so to a garage which holds half a dozen cars. It looks like a tight fit getting into the parking spaces, which are separated by pillars. The sidewalk is typical, made of tiles of some sort. Poured concrete sidewalks are rare.
    Now that I've looked at it, I think the front facade is all that is left of the original building. The rest of it has been replaced by a modern four story condo with a swimming pool in the back.
    The rent is pretty cheap, something like $35 a night, but then rent in general here seems to be very low. In the USA, one month's rent and mortgage is typically about one per-cent of the market value of the property. Using that rule of thumb here won't get you anywhere near the purchase price of an apartment or house.

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