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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hana Orthopedic Surgical Table

hana® state of the art fracture table
Iaman is contemplating having one of his hip joints replaced. To that end he's been investigating, and his research turned up this item. ¨The OR table is the single most expensive item in a OR with a life of 20 years.  Cost $125,000.¨ OR, that would be the Operating Room. When I first read the price I was appalled. I knew medical equipment was ungodly expensive, but $125,000 for a friggin' table? But then I saw the picture and realized that 'table' was misnomer. And since hip replacements are one of the most popular surgical procedures at something like 250,000 per year, that 'table' is going to get a lot of use. If we're doing 5 operations a week, then that works out to $25 per operation. A small part of an operation that will cost around fifteen thousand.

Update September 2015. Changed operation cost estimate to more realistic value.

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