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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Restaurant Dream

We're remodelling a restaurant. There is a big banquet room. It is kind of dim and predominant color seems to be dusky rose. There is a large painted tin chandelier / sculpture hanging from the ceiling, maybe ten feet square and eight feet high. It's painted black and red and is vaguely reminiscent in shape of an upside down pagoda. It needs to be taken down, cleaned and refurbished.
    There is another dining room, not as large as the first. It is lighter in here and color is pale yellow. There is a large wood dining table with shaped legs. Not curved exactly,  but not straight either. It's a common pattern, there is probably a name for it. I just don't know what it is.
    We go back to the first room and the crew has gotten the chandelier down. It is supported by a dining table frame. It's a table with the top surface removed so there are only rails along the outside edge connecting the legs. It is the perfect tool for the job. It is holding the chandelier upright and off the ground so they can work on it. I wonder if they have cannibalized the big table from the other room so I go back and check, but no, it's still there. I ask the forewoman where she got this table frame and she tells me where and that it cost $100 which seems like a bargain given the situation. I am so pleased that she had the initiative to go out and get this thing that I kiss the tips of my fingers and reach out to touch her. I have to stretch because she is working on the chandelier and there is someone between us, but I manage and touch her on the side of the throat. She seems pleased by this.

The photo is only vaguely similar to the chandelier from my dream, but the scale and color are right, and it's in China, so close enough.

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