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Monday, May 11, 2015


Early 20th Century Postcard

We started watching a murder mystery on Netflix the other night. Witnesses, also known as Les Témoins, is a French mini-series, in French, with subtitles. It's a pretty good show. It takes place in Le Tréport, France, which is on the North coast about halfway between Calais and La Havre, straight across the English Channel from Hastings, site of the Inspector Foyle murder mysteries. There is one scene of a police inspector riding the funicular (see photo above). I'm thinking that it has got to be unique. I mean how many inclined railways are there with twin tunnels going up through a cliff face? Unfortunately, I got the name of the town wrong, so all my Googling was for naught. liljaskaft on the IMDB message board got me straightened out.
    They started thinking about building the funicular way back in 1881. It didn't get built until 1908 and then it operated until the Germans showed up during WW2. It was put to work again in 2006 with new, smaller, modern cars.

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