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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hammer & Tongs

Crazy Chinese smiths. Forge a large flange on the street

Best example of hammer and tongs I have seen. Not familiar with that expression? The Free Dictionary explains:
go at it hammer and tongs
To do something or perform some task with tremendous fervor, determination, energy, or forcefulness. An allusion to the force with which a blacksmith strikes metal using his or her hammer and tongs. What started as a minor disagreement has escalated into a heated argument, and the two have been going at it hammer and tongs ever since 
Update December 2017 replaced missing video, reformatted quote.
Update October 2018 replaced missing video, kept old caption.


Anonymous said...

No ear protection!

Chuck Pergiel said...

I wonder if you would need it. They are outside, so no reverberation off of the walls. Most of the energy of the hammer is absorbed in deforming the iron block. The machinery (the fork lifts and the hoists) are noisy, but not excessively, so maybe they don't need it.