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Monday, December 5, 2016


Doge2048 Low Score Success
This is a very silly game, and fairly mindless. I play it several times a day. Sometimes I win, mostly I lose.

I have a technique that allows me to make rapid progress but if followed diligently it inevitably leads to failure. The technique is basically to repeatedly press the down arrow until no more moves are available in that direction and then press the left arrow once. Repeat until you die, no more moves are available or you sense impending doom.

The idea is to keep your highest value piece in the lower left corner. It doesn't actually matter what corner you choose, any corner will work, you just need to stick with it.

Following these instructions will often bring you to a situation where neither the down arrow nor the left arrow keys will have any effect. My next step in these cases is to press the right arrow. If the bottom row is NOT full, then the next key press should be the left key. In most cases this will put your high value piece back in the lower left corner.

If there the bottom row is full, and pressing the right arrow does not open any spaces, go back to the original sequence of down-until-stopped and then one-move-left.

The advantage of this technique is you can make rapid progress without having to do any thinking. The disadvantage is that you will eventually get into a bind.  The trick is to recognize when things are about to get sticky and then stopping your automatic play to apply a little critical thinking to the problem. If you have enough room left (3 empty squares might be enough), you should be able to make a few moves that will cause enough pieces to collapse that you have enough room that you can resume automatic play for a bit.

A problem I often encounter is that pieces will often collapse unexpectedly, and if you are not watching carefully this can lead to a hole in the bottom left corner that gets filled in with a low value piece, and that just screws up my whole plan for world domination.

Since my technique involves charging ahead without too much regard for consequences, when I do succeed I often end up with a score well over 20,100. I don't know what the minimum score for successful completion is, but this is lowest I have gotten, and it was just a fluke. On occasion I have tried going on and once I got up to something like 76,000. I have not repeated that feat. My head was like totally in tune with the game, but after that I kind of lost interest.

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